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7 Tantra Poses That Melt Fat

7 Tantra Poses That Melt Fat

When it comes to Tantra yoga, many believe it has sexual connotations attached to it through the related word ‘Tantric’, and don’t realise it’s actually more of a spiritual practice than purely a physical one. Tantra yoga is an ancient practice which helps people work to build strength in their bodies as well as inner peace and clarity. This is achieved by performing several positions which balance the chakras and energy in order to feel complete contentment.

There are tantra positions for lovers out there, however in this article, we will focus on those which are specifically for individuals and that can help burn the most fat!

Many people associate yoga with relaxation and meditation, and never really take fat loss into account. However, there are certainly a few positions out there which really stretch all areas of the body, and when performed correctly can work wonders when it comes to shifting excess weight! If you are spiritually-minded and also looking to lose weight in a very natural way, then these tantra yoga poses may just be what you’re looking for.

Before jumping into any of these poses however, as with all exercise some light stretching is recommended beforehand in order to perform them more comfortably. The following 7 poses are known to be perfect for burning fat.


  1. The Plank

The plank is a position which uses all of your muscles, focused into one area of the body – the torso. It’s relatively easy to burn calories in this pose as you are resisting gravity, therefore the longer you can stand it, the more you are likely to burn. It can be quite a difficult pose, to begin with, however, the more you train the better you will become at it.


  1. The Cobra

The cobra is another tantra position which challenges your stomach muscles as you stretch yourself backwards. Starting by lying on the chest, and by raising it up and gently backwards this helps to lengthen the spine and prepare you for a full stretch backwards. When going for the full stretch, the back is arched while the head is facing the ceiling. Practicing this movement around 8 times helps to burn fat faster as you stretch back each time – feel the burn!


  1. The Chair

The chair is pretty self-explanatory. By pretending to sit on an invisible chair, your legs will be desperate to feel relieved by the chair – but there is only the pull of gravity to help you here. This pose challenges the glutes and is a position which helps to burn fat by the minute. It also stimulates the chest, shoulders, abdominal area and heart.  Around 4 repetitions of half a minute, each is a decent goal to aim towards.


  1. Vakrasana

This is also known as the twisted pose and is brilliant for burning fat in the abdomen as well as strengthening the spine overall. Taking your leg and pushing it under the right armpit, and then twisting and turning the face behind, helps to create a strong stretch which helps to burn fat immediately. Doing this pose for half a minute and repeating a further 4 times is recommended.


  1. The Boat

The boat pose works best with a partner. Starting facing your partner it simply involves putting your feet together and whilst holding hands stretching your legs upwards until you both reach above head level. By pushing towards the legs, this helps to strengthen the full abdominal area by pushing forward.


  1. The Downward Dog

The downward dog is one of the most common yoga poses, and it is known for stretching the leg muscles and hamstrings. This position begins with both hands in front and extending the legs, lifting the tailbone towards the ceiling. Being in this position stretches your arms and greatly contracts the abdominal muscles. This pose should be held for around 30 seconds.


  1. The Shoulder Stand

If you are looking to lose weight in your legs and buttock region, then the shoulder stand position is a perfect way to do it. This pose requires you to lift your legs and back up into the air and holding them in place for a few minutes. This position is also known to reduce fatigue and can stimulate the thyroid gland and abdominal organs.


So, there you have it, 7 poses which will help you get rid of that weight faster and more peacefully!

Janet Dahlen

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