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Content marketing strategy for travel niche blogs

Everyone can become a blogger these days, but not everyone can be a successful one. In fact, it’s getting harder every year. It’s not enough to choose a niche you’re good at - you have to do something to stand out, especially if you pick

The Top 3 Exercises to Look Great in Shorts This Summer

When Summer comes around again, so does the opportunity to start wearing nice clothes and shorts, meaning the opportunity to flaunt your legs is once again possible. However, sometimes shorts can be quite difficult to get into when you haven’t been working out for a

How changes to your working environment can increase your wellbeing

It’s no surprise that businesses with healthy and happy staff reap the rewards of improved productivity and staff morale. Helping your employees feel more comfortable and happy at work, will not only increase their wellbeing but long-term profitability as well. The trick is to invest

Seven Tips For Breaking Through A Fat-Loss Plateau

Let us formulate a situation and you should let us know if you can correlate with it. For instance, you could be doing exercise, you hit it hard; Cardio, weights, and stretching. This is an enormous workout. You definitely shower and get home. When you

6 Signs That You May Be Overdoing It

It is always a good thing for one to set up his/ her ambitious goals. There is the good satisfaction that comes with great exercises or workout. For example, the happiness for working hard, the joy in making progress, and the feeling you get when

Six Secrets Of Staying Healthy While Travelling

It is always so easy for a person to stray from his daily health routine while travelling.  While it is also true that there may be some of the temptations everywhere while one is travelling. These temptations always kick start at the airport. For example,

7 Tantra Poses That Melt Fat

When it comes to Tantra yoga, many believe it has sexual connotations attached to it through the related word ‘Tantric’, and don’t realise it’s actually more of a spiritual practice than purely a physical one. Tantra yoga is an ancient practice which helps people work

Why Does Meditation Make You Feel So Rested?

Meditation can work wonders when you know how to do it correctly. Of course, it can take a while to get into it, but after the whole process, you may often come out feeling a lot more rested than you did when you first woke

The Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

People can benefit from doing exercises both physically and mentally in a number of ways. Among the top mental health benefits of exercises are: achieving relaxation, stress relief, better sleep, improved mood, memory improvement, relieving anxiety and boosting self-confidence. Today, we’ll explain to you how

Yoga For Back Health: 3 Ways to Improve Posture

Yoga is not only about spirituality and discipline but is also a useful practice for improving your posture. Many people don’t realise their posture is important, and continue throughout their daily lives without giving it any recognition whatsoever. It is important to keep in mind that