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Why Does Meditation Make You Feel So Rested?

Why Does Meditation Make You Feel So Rested?

Meditation can work wonders when you know how to do it correctly. Of course, it can take a while to get into it, but after the whole process, you may often come out feeling a lot more rested than you did when you first woke up that morning.

Meditation is a sacred practice which has been practised century after century, and by people in all corners of the world. After years of practising and perfecting methods, nowadays it can be performed by almost anyone who is interested in learning about it.  There are even apps which can teach you how to get into it. Meditation helps to bring more relaxation into your daily life by helping to relax and calm the body so that the mind can rejuvenate itself.


How exactly does meditation help us feel more rested? Below are some of the key reasons why:


Quieting of the mind

When going about our daily lives we have so much going on in our mind. Nowadays especially we almost have an information overload, with our smartphones constantly beeping with notifications, and everything being more instant than it once was.

When someone takes the time to have a break and finds a quiet spot to take a few minutes to meditate, they allow their mind to quieten down for a little while, just like it does during sleep. This quieting of the mind can be so effective in terms of energy levels as it gives you a chance to regain your energy back! This is better than going for a quick sleep as your body doesn’t exactly need to rest, and hence why you feel more rested after the process.


Increased sense of calm

It goes without saying that practising meditation can definitely leave you feeling much more calmer and relaxed. By taking the time to pause throughout your day, whether it’s a busy one or not, this allows you to rebalance yourself so to speak, and regain your energy. Just a few minutes a day will leave you feeling much calmer and more rested afterwards.


Helps remove anxiety

Another reason we feel so rested afterwards is that meditating actually helps reduce anxiety levels. The art of meditation teaches you to be present and take every moment into account. When you take back your energy and power by not letting everything or everyone overwhelm you, you start to better control your day meaning any anxieties which once felt difficult or troublesome start to feel more controllable and less of a problem.

Anxiety is definitely compatible using meditation as it allows people to take a break from the chaotic world outside and tune in to their inner self. Once this art is mastered, it can be like medicine for some as they find a much better inner peace which is certainly more healthy than taking prescribed drugs to help.


Contributes like sleep

One of the main reasons meditation helps us to feel so rested afterwards is because during meditation we enter a state which is similar to that of deep sleep. When we sleep, we allow our minds to do their own thing without controlling anything. Similarly, when going into a meditative state we do the exact same thing only we remain conscious throughout.

We feel so rested afterwards as we allow the brain to rest, but at the same time, we are aware of our surroundings. In comparison to waking up in the morning, when the alarm strikes we feel a sense of dread and often wake up feeling still tired or groggy. After meditation, we often feel better and the groggy sensation is not common as we have entered that state by choice and can end it when we feel we’ve had enough, rather than being catapulted out of it by some terrible alarm.



So there you have it, some reasons why meditation makes us feel so rested and so good! Meditation can certainly help us in our lives to feel more peace. It is definitely recommended to give it a try, especially in today’s world where so much of our lives are focused on doing as much as possible.

Janet Dahlen

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