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How to encourage employee participation in brand building

Marketing is constantly changing due to various factors, and if you want to stay on the rise, you need to be able to adapt. Advertising used to be much simpler, but with the growing distrust towards ads and official brands’ images, marketers had to shift

How to develop a stronger content marketing strategy in 2020

Content marketing is a highly competitive industry to work in, and 2020 might be the most demanding year so far, as the need for quality content is never-ending. Creating content involves a lot of creative people delivering their best write-ups every day. Not to mention

Don’t be invisible: Why businesses must have a blog

In 1996 Bill Gates wrote an essay entitled Content is king and though he listed different kinds of content there, he still couldn’t be more right when it comes to blogging as a part of marketing strategy. You would think that in the age of