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6 Signs That You May Be Overdoing It

6 Signs That You May Be Overdoing It

It is always a good thing for one to set up his/ her ambitious goals. There is the good satisfaction that comes with great exercises or workout. For example, the happiness for working hard, the joy in making progress, and the feeling you get when you have achieved your set goals. In spite of all this, their danger that comes with overdoing it which can result in an injury or burnout. This is why am here to make sure you are happy and stay healthy and kicking butt in our Snap Fitness community for years to come.

The feeling of not doing enough: am sure you know this mindset. There is always that nagging feeling even if you are not in the gym that you should be there due to the fact that there is more that needs to be done. But this does not always mean that you are required to do more. The best way to avoiding this is by working closely with a snap fitness trainer. The good part of working out is knowing when it`s over and feeling great about it.

You want to match with your friend`s time; it is the nature of any human being to know the goals that their friends have achieved. But you should put in mind that, they are not you and you are not them. They might be hitting PR in a race or competition and think, ok; you should step aside and let me show you how it is done. You should avoid that at all costs. The goals are always good when it’s about you and not someone else.

Your last work out was ridiculous: there are days that you just don’t have it. Don’t worry this happens to everyone. You trust in us. It is a guarantee that there are days when, Usain Bolt thinks, “man, I was so slow out there.” You should avoid beating yourself over this. There is a high likelihood that, the next time you might go to the gym and harm yourself. You should not stress setbacks because they are not permanent.

You are a perfectionist: this kind of trait can sneak up on you. This may also be keeping you from rounding out your program. This could be that resistance training would be better for you but you don’t feel proficient in it so you don’t it. You are keeping the things that you are best at. You should remove that as a barrier. You cannot be an expert at every activity from the onset.  And you should not start it over if it fails to perform well in the start. Do it right by your body by giving it what it needs.

You are losing and not gaining energy: it feels great to relieve stress by pushing yourself hard at the gym. The question you should ask yourself is what if you lose energy? Definitely, this will not be a good sign. There could be other signals, for instance, aches and pains. Be watchful of them. You should take a look at what you were doing and adjust if you are not feeling better after a workout. Injuries and burnout are barriers to progress.

You don’t rest: this can be a trap, you might be working hard, never miss work out and always being everywhere for everybody while forgetting the fact that you are overworking your body. Thus, you should ensure that you shift the gears for your health.  Working out is as important as resting because it is a vital part of the process of building strength, endurance, and muscle.

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