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Public Relations

Do you want to be known? Do you want more leads for your business? Let us promote you via editorial coverage and make people like you.

Every company needs to get positive publicity in order to beat the competition and generate more leads. Our public relations specialists can help you build your reputation through the media.

We are going to analyze your company, find the right messages, and translate them into positive media stories.



Conduct market research on your company

Distribute press releases

Create events designed for media relations and public outreach

Expand your business contacts

Write pitches about your company and send them directly to mass media

Develop crisis public relations strategies

How to understand that Your brand strategy is working?

We are working hard to help our clients achieve the desired results. The Blue Starling Media team conducts studies to obtain objective information in order to prove that our brand strategies work. We keep our clients updated so that they can see improvements with their own eyes.

How do we understand that we are doing a great job?

Every week our experts make a detailed analysis of our client’s brand’s growth by comparing customer mailing lists, income statements, and numbers of social media followers. Your development makes us happy!