Maya Kinsley

Senior Content Writer

Maya is a multilingual content writer. She can speak English, Norwegian, Swedish, and Spanish. After completing her Bachelor degree in Literature in 2014, Maya has been volunteering at the summer high school program in Peru. At that time, she has started running her expat blog. Her website is aimed to help immigrants cope with stress and loneliness. 


In 2016, she moved back to England and started working full time as a content writer. 


Thanks to her creative approach and an eye for detail, we develop our clients’ voices in the digital world. 


It’s not very difficult to find the perfect present for Maya – you can give her a notebook  (she has nearly a thousand of them, but it is never enough when you are a content writer) or Noam Chomsky’s books. 


In her free time, she likes mastering foreign languages and practicing yoga. 

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