Janet Dahlen

Social Media Manager

Janet has recently completed a Master of Science in Psychology at the University of Lincoln. 


She analyzes people’s behavior on social media and attracts users to our clients’ products. Also, she manages all social advertising campaigns and administers the creation of original content. She is a detail oriented professional. As she says, it is all about quality, not quantity.


Janet is a sports enthusiast – in the evening, you can always find her in the gym. In fact, she motivates the Blue Starling Media team to keep fit and eat healthy. 


Outside of work, Janet learns Portuguese and likes traveling (we stopped counting how many times she’s been to Portugal).


Needless to say, her social media profiles look perfect. 

Everything starts with “Hi!”

Feel free to get in touch with us. Our team is always open to discuss new projects, ideas and to offer you all the support in order to build the brand that you love… that everyone will love.
And don’t forget: Knock and our “online door” will be opened for you.